Advance Your Career with a Tailored Master of Education Leadership and Management in Australia

Master of Education Leadership and Management in Australia

Designed to support participants with varying leadership and career ambitions, this tailored master’s degree delivers advanced knowledge of educational leadership and management theories. It also combines practical knowledge, conceptual frameworks and state-of-the-art research with a global perspective.

Are you an educator with the drive to step up into leadership roles? This one-year postgraduate course will equip you with the skills and confidence to tackle any challenge.


Whether you’re an experienced teacher looking to step up in your career or someone wanting to make a difference in the community, you can tailor your postgraduate degree with a range of specialist subjects. You’ll explore the theory behind effective leadership and management practices in educational settings as well as examining crucial issues and policies influencing contemporary education.

You’ll also get to apply your research skills and build your professional knowledge through an independent research project – all while being supported by expert tutors. With a range of study areas, including the seven-story library with over a million books and many open-access PCs, you’ll be immersed in learning.

In order to qualify for the award, you will need to successfully complete a total of 240 credit points across two years. The structure of your course will vary depending on your location and offer year. Core subjects are required to complete your course, while you can customise it with specialisations, majors and electives.


The Master of Education Leadership & Management is a comprehensive postgraduate degree designed to take your teaching career to the next level. It will arm you with the skills necessary to manage a school or educational environment and lead change in the education sector.

The program exposes you to innovative research and practice in leadership, management and administration of educational institutions. You will learn from expert academics and participate in on-campus group studies that will enable you to apply key management principles and insights to your own workplace context.

You will be required to plan, execute and reflect critically on a substantial research based project and/or piece of scholarship that explores critical issues in educational management practices within school settings. This research will allow you to develop your capacity as a leader and a critical thinker of current education policy, practices and systems. Students will be able to choose a four or two credit point research pathway, which can lead to a PhD pathway if they choose to continue their study.


Electives are designed to broaden your knowledge of leadership and management theories and practices across education sectors and systems. You will learn to enhance your ability to mentor new educators, manage curricula and assessment, support staff development and lead organisational change. You will also build the skills to investigate and solve complex issues in a rapidly changing educational climate.

You will undertake an independent research project with the guidance of expert tutors, developing essential research skills that you can apply in your career. You will be exposed to real-world challenges facing the Australian and international education sector through guest speakers, workshops, and high quality online content.

Depending on your research pathway, you may be eligible for a Commonwealth Supported Place (CSP) which subsidises your course fees. Please refer to the Course Handbook for further information.


A master’s degree is a post graduate level qualification that teaches you advanced theory and practical skills to boost your career in the world of education. Typically, the course is undertaken over one year and enables you to advance into higher management roles in schools, government and non-government sectors, tertiary educational institutions, and workplace learning contexts.

Our master of education leadership and management course will provide you with a deep understanding of the principles of educational leadership, research, and management. You will be challenged to develop your cognitive, technical and creative skills to critique and synthesise complex ideas in authentic settings. You will also be required to demonstrate high levels of self-management and autonomy as you plan, execute and reflect critically on a substantial research-based project or piece of scholarship.

You’ll be supported by a team of expert academics, leaders in their field. Their work will engage you with new ways of thinking about the practice of contemporary Catholic education, and you’ll discover fresh approaches to leadership and management.

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In the ever-evolving landscape of the digital world, one entity stands at the forefront of user trust and reliability: 메이저사이트. These sites are pillars of the online community, offering unmatched security and a plethora of services to ensure a seamless user experience. But what exactly defines a 메이저사이트, and why are they considered the gold standard within the virtual realm?

As you navigate through the intricate web of online platforms, the quest for authenticity and safety takes precedence. 메이저사이트, or major sites in English, are essentially top-tier websites well-known for their credibility. These sites shield their visitors from the lurking dangers of the Internet, from cyber threats to data breaches, providing a fortified haven for their activities.

Imagine stepping into a digital fortress, impervious to the chaos of the online wilderness. 메이저사이트 are just that; they are the bulwarks that harbor a user’s digital presence, safeguarding personal information and offering a dependable platform for entertainment, social interaction, and e-commerce. With advanced security measures in place, they ensure that your online voyage is not just safe but enjoyable.

Why do users gravitate toward these sites? It’s the comfort of knowing that they are navigating through a space that values their privacy and works meticulously to maintain a secure ecosystem. Whether it’s for online gaming, shopping, or communication, 메이저사이트 are the beacons of trust that users seek.

To ensure you are on a 메이저사이트, look for features like robust encryption protocols, a history of stable service, and a strong community feedback system. These sites operate with a high degree of transparency, often displaying their credentials and regulatory compliance upfront, which fosters an environment of trust.

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As your digital journey carries you through different avenues, remember the importance of anchoring yourself to a 메이저사이트. It’s the difference between wandering the wilderness and walking through a well-trodden path, the difference between uncertainty and peace of mind.

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Q: What makes a 메이저사이트 trustworthy?
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Q: How can users identify a genuine 메이저사이트?
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Q: Are 메이저사이트 limited to a specific region or available globally?
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Q: Can 메이저사이트 protect users from all online threats?
A: While 메이저사이트 employ advanced security measures, users should remain vigilant, as no platform can guarantee absolute protection against all threats.

Q: Why should users prefer 메이저사이트 over other websites?
A: Users should opt for 메이저사이트 for their proven track record of safety, quality of service, and the peace of mind that comes from using a reputable platform.…

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Flexibility and rigor in NYU’s graduate degrees in educational leadership

NYU Graduate Degrees in Educational Leadership

Educational leadership enlists and directs the energies of teachers, students, and parents toward common educational aims. It is sometimes used synonymously with school administration, and has supplanted it in some places.

The NYU Steinhardt education leadership nyu program offers a unique combination of flexibility and rigor. This degree is designed for cross-sector leaders who want to create sustainable change.

Doctor of Education (EdD)

A Doctor of Education (EdD) degree prepares students for leadership positions in schools, districts, state departments of education and national nonprofit organizations. Students can also select a more general focus that is broader than education, such as organizational leadership, human resources or entrepreneurship.

The curriculum for this type of program is based on the belief that a person who leads an educational institution must be able to digest and synthesize new research, view situations from multiple perspectives and create an environment that fosters collaboration and diversity. This type of program usually includes a dissertation.

An online Doctor of Education (EdD) at a university like NYU Steinhardt can be completed in two years. Coursework is online and synchronous, with one week-long residency on campus. Students also complete a written personal statement that outlines why they are seeking entrance into the program and identifies their professional goals. Some programs may have additional requirements, such as a GPA and letters of recommendation.

Master of Arts (MA)

Our MA program is ideal for teachers who want to enhance their practice and prepare for leadership roles in the classroom. The curriculum emphasizes state-of-the-art pedagogy in a diverse urban school while supporting your growth as a teacher with a strong commitment to social equity and restorative justice.

The program offers teacher candidates the opportunity to earn a master’s degree and New York State principal certification in one year of full-time study. The curriculum builds on your prior teaching and field experience, preparing you to create learning environments that are inclusive and productive for all students.

Our MA in Higher Education Leadership & Management provides an advanced education that meets the educational and professional needs of students, academic leaders, and administrators in colleges and universities around the world. The program is offered online, so you can continue to work full time while advancing your career. Students design an individualized program of study with the guidance of their faculty advisor.

Master of Arts in Education Studies (MAES)

The MAES program offers students a deeper focus on educational politics and policy while exploring leadership theory and practice. It is open to current education professionals and NYU Steinhardt undergraduates in the fields of Education Studies, Math, English or STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) who want to change the world and are ready to take on leadership roles in a range of educational institutions, organizations and government agencies.

This state-approved MA program is designed for educators interested in working as school building leaders and fulfills the academic requirements to become a New York State educator licensed as a school district leader. It prepares teachers to create a school environment that is equitable and challenging for children, youth and their families.

As a graduate student, you will join the winter 2024 cohort for the MAES and be given a fall semester to pursue other experiences before classes begin in January. The program is online and designed to accommodate the busy schedules of education professionals.

BA/MA Dual Degree

The BA/MA dual degree program is for students wishing to pursue both a bachelor of arts and a master of arts. Students are identified, informed and referred to the graduate director in their junior year; those who meet the GPA requirements will be accepted into the program. Students may dual-count 9 graduate credits towards both their UG and MA programs during their junior and senior years.

The MA in Education Leadership, Politics, and Advocacy prepares you to advocate for social equity and foster meaningful school-community relationships by using the tools of research, policy, and collaboration. You’ll be ready to work in school systems, community advocacy organizations, and research and policy centers.

Broaden your perspective and your job opportunities by studying two fields that excite you equally. By doing so, you’ll be able to bring a deeper level of knowledge to the career you choose to pursue. This also allows you to develop more specialized skills and gain an edge in the marketplace.

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Leadership Programs in Educational Leadership and Higher Education

Executive Track in Educational Leadership EdD

The Executive track in the Educational Leadership EdD program prepares educators for leadership positions in PK-12 organizations and other educational agencies or organizations. The program requires 63 minimum credit hours beyond the master’s degree and includes a research report.

Learn how to lead at all organizational levels of higher education with UCF’s online certificate in college teaching and leadership. The program teaches you how to navigate contemporary issues in colleges, leadership in college organizations and more.

The Department of Educational Leadership and Higher Education

The Department of Educational Leadership and Higher Education prepares professionals to lead schools and other education organizations and facilities. It offers two accredited graduate degrees: a Master of School Administration that leads to principal licensure and a Doctor of Education in PK-12 and Higher Education Leadership.

The program cultivates leaders with the conceptual understanding and advanced leadership skills to create organizational learning environments that address inequities and maximize teacher performance and student learning. The curriculum also emphasizes scholarly practice and reflective decision-making.

Students develop a community of learners and engage in collaborative leadership across educational settings, local educational agencies, higher education institutions, and other educational organizations to promote equity and social justice. In the process, students become critically reflective scholar-practitioners who contribute to the field of knowledge by using data and addressing educational challenges and opportunities for transformative change. The following stories of our graduates illustrate the impact of their leadership in educational communities. They are examples of the diverse and innovative leaders that the Educational Leadership and Policy Studies program has produced.

The Executive EdD

Designed for experienced educational leaders who aspire to create long-lasting change in their organizations or communities, this program equips passionate visionaries with the tools they need to implement and sustain high-impact education innovation. Through a unique transdisciplinary pedagogical framework and viable research-practice partnerships, we provide students with the theoretical foundations and practical capacities they need to transform complex educational systems, Tambascia notes.

The program features a cohort model with an accelerated schedule and coursework that is offered on Friday evenings and Saturdays, so it can fit the needs of busy working professionals. You’ll also complete a capstone project and engage in fieldwork to apply your learning to real-world challenges. In addition, you can explore opportunities to receive financial support for your graduate studies, including scholarships and graduate assistantships. The Wayne Kaleolani Miyamoto Public Policy Dissertation Fellowship, for example, is dedicated to helping students conduct research on issues in the field of education. Other scholarships include the College of Education Scholarships and CSU awards.

The EdS.

Designed for leaders in educational organizations, this program broadens administrative knowledge and skills. Through coursework, field experiences and research, students develop an area of expertise while also gaining practical application.

The Executive track is a state-approved, non-degree program that leads to Florida Level 1 Educational Leadership certification. The program is a lock-step cohort model, with courses offered in the evening to facilitate scheduling for working professionals.

This EdS is an advanced, professional degree that allows individuals to advance in decision-making positions in educational organizations. The program provides a strong foundation in policy and administrative theories, examining a wide range of topics, including political and organizational theory, leadership and systems theory, human resource management, educational financial affairs, legal aspects of school operations and more. The Higher Education Track is intended for professionals in student personnel/affairs departments on college campuses and other higher education institutions who wish to broaden their professional development. Visit the Educational Leadership Advising webcourse for in-depth program information that includes requirements, deadlines and resources.

The Higher Education Track

Whether your career takes you into charter and private schools, human resource departments or museums, our online master’s degree in higher education leadership prepares you to drive transformation. You’ll gain a deep understanding of contemporary concerns, evaluation practices and the legal aspects of school operations.

The College Teaching and Leadership graduate certificate equips you to become a leader at all organizational levels of community colleges, state colleges and universities. You’ll learn about the inner workings of student personnel, leadership in college organizations and more.

The Department of Educational Leadership and Higher Education (CSHE) supports multidisciplinary research that spans multiple fields and impacts practice and policy at the local, national, and international levels. We believe in empowering educators to address critical issues, advance social change, and contribute to innovative solutions for public education. To explore our full research agenda, visit our website.

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Education Leadership: Creating Success and Elevating Students

Department of Education Leadership

Department of education leadership professionals create and enact curriculums that maintain success and elevate students, whether in New York or across the globe. They are also sensitive to the ways in which school systems interrelate with each other.

They advocate for policies that increase accountability of federal programs to Congress and the public. They also collect and oversee research on America’s schools and disseminate this information to practitioners.

Education Policy

Education policy is the set of laws, guidelines and principles followed by school systems. Education leaders must be knowledgeable about local, state and federal education policies to effectively manage the system and understand the dynamics of educational reform.

They must also be able to recognize and interpret social and political influences in the community, as well as understand the impact of education on the broader community. These leaders must be able to make financial and political decisions in an ever-changing environment.

Our programs prepare you to meet the challenges of the education field. Aspiring and current education leaders can choose from a wide range of graduate certificates, master’s, doctoral degrees and educational specialist programs that focus on leadership development. These programs are individualized to fit your strengths and career goals and emphasize values of excellence, compassion, service, diversity, equity and inclusion and visionary leadership. We are proud to serve public, non-public and faith-based schools and districts, higher education, law enforcement agencies and governmental and non-profit organizations.


The faculty of the department creates futuristic curricula and programs for students seeking graduate degrees in education or professional licensure as school service personnel. The faculty also establishes appropriate conditions, opportunities and resources with which the graduate student body may engage in scholarly activities.

The Department of Education Leadership faculty explores the complex interrelationships of schools and community organizations. They examine societal and legal issues such as constitutional, statutory and judicial provisions as a basis for the operation of educational institutions; relations between administrators and boards of directors; rights and responsibilities of staff members; and professional development models.

The research environment within the department of education leadership embraces an openness to different theoretical and methodological approaches. However, the dominant analytical tools used in this area of study involve relational and associational analysis. These techniques are not sufficiently sophisticated to provide insight into the dynamic nature of leadership in open systems. The development of theory, methods and tools that are more capable of addressing the complexity of leadership in educational environments is essential.


With a focus on addressing the community’s needs, this division nurtures leadership in service for New York City’s 32 community school districts through robust professional learning. This is the cornerstone of Chancellor’s goal for cultivating talent in all people to serve our students.

Education administrators handle budgets and communicate with government agencies, while also ensuring that school goals for academic achievement are set and met. They are also involved in a variety of other administrative functions, such as acting as liaisons between principals and the general public and maintaining systems for attendance and scheduling.

The department’s educational administration programs prepare future principals, superintendents and supervisors in both public and private school and district settings as well as governmental and non-profit organizations. These leaders may work in the areas of curriculum and instruction, family and community engagement, student support services, diversity and inclusion, or technology. They are dedicated to the pursuit of excellence, compassion, service, and innovation.

External Relations

The responsibilities of the outreach staff involve direct interaction with organizations and individuals at the national, state and local levels. This includes sharing information and coordinating with national education associations that represent the teaching profession, civil rights groups and business, as well as with school districts, parents and students. Staff in outreach also manage the Department’s recognition programs that spotlight exceptional schools and students.

The team is responsible for executing the overall outreach agenda by providing advance news notification to general and specialized education press on key ED issues. It also coordinates the planning and execution of special events with ED executives to keep the public and education groups updated on a variety of Department initiatives and projects.

This division supports the entire agency with strategic communications, including writing, digital media and creative services, photography and video. This includes planning for digital roll outs, social media branding and design, document layout and design, certificates, gifs, infographics and short animated videos.

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