Flexibility and rigor in NYU’s graduate degrees in educational leadership

NYU Graduate Degrees in Educational Leadership

Educational leadership enlists and directs the energies of teachers, students, and parents toward common educational aims. It is sometimes used synonymously with school administration, and has supplanted it in some places.

The NYU Steinhardt education leadership nyu program offers a unique combination of flexibility and rigor. This degree is designed for cross-sector leaders who want to create sustainable change.

Doctor of Education (EdD)

A Doctor of Education (EdD) degree prepares students for leadership positions in schools, districts, state departments of education and national nonprofit organizations. Students can also select a more general focus that is broader than education, such as organizational leadership, human resources or entrepreneurship.

The curriculum for this type of program is based on the belief that a person who leads an educational institution must be able to digest and synthesize new research, view situations from multiple perspectives and create an environment that fosters collaboration and diversity. This type of program usually includes a dissertation.

An online Doctor of Education (EdD) at a university like NYU Steinhardt can be completed in two years. Coursework is online and synchronous, with one week-long residency on campus. Students also complete a written personal statement that outlines why they are seeking entrance into the program and identifies their professional goals. Some programs may have additional requirements, such as a GPA and letters of recommendation.

Master of Arts (MA)

Our MA program is ideal for teachers who want to enhance their practice and prepare for leadership roles in the classroom. The curriculum emphasizes state-of-the-art pedagogy in a diverse urban school while supporting your growth as a teacher with a strong commitment to social equity and restorative justice.

The program offers teacher candidates the opportunity to earn a master’s degree and New York State principal certification in one year of full-time study. The curriculum builds on your prior teaching and field experience, preparing you to create learning environments that are inclusive and productive for all students.

Our MA in Higher Education Leadership & Management provides an advanced education that meets the educational and professional needs of students, academic leaders, and administrators in colleges and universities around the world. The program is offered online, so you can continue to work full time while advancing your career. Students design an individualized program of study with the guidance of their faculty advisor.

Master of Arts in Education Studies (MAES)

The MAES program offers students a deeper focus on educational politics and policy while exploring leadership theory and practice. It is open to current education professionals and NYU Steinhardt undergraduates in the fields of Education Studies, Math, English or STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) who want to change the world and are ready to take on leadership roles in a range of educational institutions, organizations and government agencies.

This state-approved MA program is designed for educators interested in working as school building leaders and fulfills the academic requirements to become a New York State educator licensed as a school district leader. It prepares teachers to create a school environment that is equitable and challenging for children, youth and their families.

As a graduate student, you will join the winter 2024 cohort for the MAES and be given a fall semester to pursue other experiences before classes begin in January. The program is online and designed to accommodate the busy schedules of education professionals.

BA/MA Dual Degree

The BA/MA dual degree program is for students wishing to pursue both a bachelor of arts and a master of arts. Students are identified, informed and referred to the graduate director in their junior year; those who meet the GPA requirements will be accepted into the program. Students may dual-count 9 graduate credits towards both their UG and MA programs during their junior and senior years.

The MA in Education Leadership, Politics, and Advocacy prepares you to advocate for social equity and foster meaningful school-community relationships by using the tools of research, policy, and collaboration. You’ll be ready to work in school systems, community advocacy organizations, and research and policy centers.

Broaden your perspective and your job opportunities by studying two fields that excite you equally. By doing so, you’ll be able to bring a deeper level of knowledge to the career you choose to pursue. This also allows you to develop more specialized skills and gain an edge in the marketplace.

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